It is no secret around here that I love Thai food. It comes through in a great deal of my cooking. However, living in central Vermont, there are not a lot of Thai food options OR ingredients

Village cooking videos, a genre that has gained a large following in the last two years. With her slow cooking style, long shots and professional feel, these channels are the antithesis of the slick food porn served up on social media. Verbal instructions are nil or minimal. Instead, the rural cooks rely on the outdoor setting, traditional firewood, homely earthen stoves and local ingredients to do the talking.

Village cooking is part of a wider emerging global trend known as “primitive technology, in which creators fashion tools, objects, and structures using only materials found in the wild”.

You will have to excuse my photographs, I’m still trying to figure out this whole blog thing. Frantically, snapping pictures as things bubble away on my stove. I am hoping to upgrade my camera, in due time! Anyhow, here is a little snippet of what…


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